Classic New Mexican Cuisine
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Established in 1978.

El Portal means frontdoor, entry, gateway and...
Come on in at Monica's El Portal!
Enjoy home cooking flavored with tradition,
classic New Mexican cuisine and family legend.

The Baca Family

The Bacas were founding fathers of Albuquerque -
A multi-generational mighty ambitious family,
owning real estate, restaurants and other
businesses for hundreds of years.

Rudolph (Rudy), Monica's father,
was a loved lifelong resident of Albuquerque.
He became one of the first master plumbers
in Albuquerque and was active
in the Old Town community for many years.
Always a hard worker, Rudy partook
in many different ventures including
Boy Scout leader, restauranteur and landlord.
Rudy had great passion for politics
and served one term as state representative,
where he advocated for the people in his community.
Rudy had a heart of gold and touched the lives
of many people with his generosity.
His family meant the world to him.
He was an amazing father and grandfather.

Monica's mom,

Mrs. Urcy Baca,
was the actual cook in the family and
Monica credits her beloved mother
for teaching her the fundamentals that she would
hone and make her own. Mrs. Baca mentored
and supported Monica from day one
in the business and took that short jaunt
from her home to the restaurant everyday
until she passed in 2003.
Though a quiet presence,
It was a blessing for the entire family.

Monica has carried on that love for family,
community and its residents.
Monica, her husband Bill and now ocasionally,
daughters, Mariana and Andrea,
and of course their loyal staff
are the restaurant.
Monica does all of the cooking
and siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces,
nephews etc. keep the restaurant thriving,
along with the many loyal (addicted)
customers who are like family.

Monica opened El Portal in 1978, at the age of 17!
The restaurant has always been a hub for the community,
because of its consistently good home cookin',
good conversation, if you want it
or just a comfortable welcoming spot.

Come on in!



Tues/Wed 7am - 3pm
Thurs/Fri 7am - 8pm
Sat/Sun 7am-3pm

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